Remy "Gambit" LeBeau (dontdotricks) wrote,
Remy "Gambit" LeBeau

RP @ noiredeluxure | Familiar faces return

LINK: Pyro had no idea what he was thinking. Well, he knew a little of what he was thinking. He was thinking about Sage and getting into her panties. He was thinking about the friends he'd left behind. He was thinking that maybe - just maybe - he'd had his rebel without a cause moment, and it was time to find out just where he really belonged. He was still sitting behind the wheel of the rental car as he tapped his fingers of one hand against the steering wheel, and flicked the cap of his lighter up and down with his other hand. It was the same lighter he'd had for years, the one thing that had meant the world to him...
Tags: [comm] noiredeluxure, [ship] remy/rogue, [verse] noiredeluxure (main)
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